Are there any rules?

First of all, be nice. We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself, but if other users complain that you're rude, pushy or threatening, we’ll take it very seriously. Also, any contents you upload to your Swagy profile must comply with our terms and conditions and not break copyright. If you upload pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material, we'll delete it and we may ban you from Swagy.

Why is my profile tagged as "OUT"?

Profiles containing the following information will be tagged as “OUT”:

1. You used inappropriate pictures as your avatar. Unacceptable avatars include: picture isn’t you, poor quality, nude, offensive, child porn, copyright violations.

2. You posted third party contact information like phone number, Kik or Snapchat in your profile or any other public places on Swagy.

Please edit and resubmit your profile, the new profile will be approved within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience and support. It’s important to maintain a harmonious dating environment for all of the users of Swagy.

How do I edit my profile?

There is an option to edit your profile by tapping at Me > Edit Profile.

How do I send a report to Swagy on the app?

1. If you want to report someone, tap at the top right corner of his profile, then fill out the report form.

2. If you want to report scammers and need us to delete his account, please provide us with evidence such as screenshots of your conversation, so that we can look into the issue more effectively.

3. You can also send it to Feedback directly. We'll respond within 24hrs.

What should I do when I find a scammer?

1. If someone asks for your bank info (bank name, account name, swift codes, account password, etc.), or asks you to buy him a gift card, whatever the reasons are, keep in mind that they are scammers and don't respond to them.

2. Please upload the conversation screenshot then report them before you block them.

3. Sending the details to Feedback directly works as well.

Why am I unable to send messages?

1. First, check your network and make sure you are not banned for messaging.

2. If it still doesn't work, feel free to send your problem to Feedback or contact us at: support@swagyapp.com.

Why are my messages all gone?

If you delete the app and reinstall it, all your conversations will be emptied. Please note that when you're updating Swagy, just update the app without deleting it.

What should I do if I find a bug?

Screen capture the bug page and send it to Feedback. Please feel free to contact us, we really appreciate it!

How do I deactivate my account?

You can tap at Me > Settings > My Account > Deactivate Account.

How do I delete my account permanently?

Please contact us via Feedback, we will help you delete it ASAP.

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