Gay Dating App

Feel free to find what you want

What is Swagy

Swagy refers to people who live young and free. They are nice and caring people who are looking out for someone wants the same thing. That’s why we make this app for gay, bi, trans and queer men who have free thoughts and know what they want to find the other who want the same.

Why Swagy

I. What you want is what you get

On Swagy, you can freely express what you want, no matter you are looking for a hookup, a long-term relationship or some friends. And you will not be harassed or time-wasted by someone with different purposes. It’s same love, but we know that every gay, trans, bi and queer man that have different needs, therefore we try our best to make two best matching people encounter fast.

II. More ways to be an attention grabber

In other gay apps, everyone may only get a few attentions here, and most of them are from wrong persons. But on Swagy, you have more ways and more places to get attentions. It’s easy to show people all sides of you in different area where all men are looking for the same thing as you do.